Mehmet Balcilar is Professor of Econometrics at Eastern Mediterranean University. Although not updated frequently, this web page provides some material interest to economists.

Insatiable history has absorbed yet another innovation of the human experience--the Internet. Internet although still limited to a small proportion of the world's population is affecting all aspects of our lives including methods we use in research and teaching at schools. Although accelerating at the speed of byte, the net's academic substance has already been realized to be large. Its language of platforms, hypertext, gophers, protocols, browsers, arguments, and elements seems bewildering. What use a professor make of it? Assuming that it has merit as a teaching tool, helps to spread research findings, and conveys personal endeavours, I spent some time to learn its nuances. Here you will find results of my electrification of the Internet.

If you are a student you can jump to the Main Teaching Page. There are some teaching material created for the former students when I was teaching in Turkish for a short time period. These are still available here. [Eski Türkçe Asıl Eğitim Sitesi Burada]. This page is is not updated anymore.

The mFilter time series filters package I developed can be accessed here or at CRAN

The Periodic Autoregression Package (pear) for R (with. I.A. McLeod) is here.

The TDK Turkish/English-English/Turkish Dictionary of Econometric Terms page is here. [TDK İnglizce/Türkçe-Türkçe/İnglizce Ekonometri Terimleri Sözlüğü.]

I a publish an occasional commentary called Cyprus Donkey Observer. This is a leisurely writing readable to everyone. There are good readings for undergraduate economics students.